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Differential Equations on the web:

Recent development of various computers, from the personal computer to the super computer, involves rapid change in computer architecture and advancement in software engineering. There is a proliferation of solvers which focus on differential equations, ranging from simple numeric solvers to very comprehensive computer algebra software (CAS) solvers. These packages are very helpful in education, numerical simulation and applications of differential equations and more is being developed every day. This is not a complete and comprehensive listing, we pay attention to the most popular packages.

matlab (and its free version, Octave) is used extensively in the scientific computing community, is fairly easy to learn, and quite robust offering packages for visualization, numerical linear algebra, numerical differential equations and limited symbolic computation.

MuPad is a computer algebra system within matlab based on Maple. The matlab Live Editor provides a new way to create, edit, and run matlab code. It creates, edits, and run code in a single interactive environment.

Other small packages:

  • MathView by Waterloo Maple Inc.
  • DEPAC, by L. F. Shampine and H.A. Watts
  • SDRIV, contains three packages
  • ODEPACK Ordinary Differential Equation Solvers
  • MVT, (the Mathematical Visualization Toolkit) by the University of Colorado
  • Winplot, by Richard Parris, University of Hawaii
  • ODE Toolkit, nice Java application for ODEs
  • GeoGebra is the free and multi-platform, open-source dynamic mathematics software

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