Prof. Don, Wai Sun





Department of Mathematics
Hong Kong Baptist University

Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong


Institute for Computational Mathematics


Office : FSC 1213

Phone : (852) 3411-7017

Fax    : (852) 3411-5811

Email : wsdon at



Visiting Professor


Division of Applied Mathematics

Brown University

Scientific Computing Group


Box F, 182 George Street

Providence, Rhode Island 02912, USA

Email   : wsdon at


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22.3402256694, 114.180217801






Research Interests


*      Numerical analysis.

*      Computational fluid dynamics and shocked flow.

*      Numerical solution for partial differential equations.

*      High performance scientific computing.


*      High order shock capturing schemes for the discontinuous solution of nonlinear hyperbolic conservation laws:

*      Spectral methods; and

*      High order conservative finite difference WENO-Z scheme.

*      Hybridization of the spectral methods, high order WENO methods and high order central difference schemes along with the high order Multi-resolution algorithm under a single- and multi- domain framework.

               This is a joint work with Prof. David Gottlieb (Brown University) and Prof. Bruno Costa (UFRJ).


*      Supersonic combustion for recessed cavity in a scramjet engine.

               This is a joint work with Prof. Jae-Hun Jung (U. Mass at Dartmouth).

*      Shock-Particle-Laden-Flow.

        This is a joint work with Prof. Gustaaf Jacobs (San Diego State University).

         Preliminary simulations: Mach 3 shock with 40K bronze particle clouds: Vorticity and Density.
                                                 A snap shot of density, vorticity and particle trajectory can be viewed here.

*      Large scale numerical simulations of single-mode/multi-modes multi-dimensional Richtmyer-Meskov Instability (RMI) and Rayleigh-Taylor Instability (RTI) via spectral methods and/or high order conservative WENO finite difference schemes.

          This is a joint work with Prof. David Gottlieb (Brown University) and Dr. Oleg Schilling (LLNL).


*      Software development of the PseudoPack library which

*      Perform optimized and efficient pseudospectral differentiation for the

Fourier, Chebyshev and Legendre collocation methods along with other algorithmic enchancements;

*      High Order WENO Flux Reconstruction with enhancement are available for the Scalar and Euler system;

*      Parallelization based on the MPI and the OpenMP is enabled; and

*      Many other useful utility routines.


              This is a joint work with Dr. Alex Solomonoff and Prof. Bruno Costa.



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