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There are many computing resources available that will aid in your exploration and understanding of differential equations. The main software packages the we recommend are

All can be found in the general computing labs on campus and available for purchase at significantly reduced rates for students. Throughout the course we will reference these various software packages when applicable.

Matlab is used extensively in the scientific computing community, is fairly easy to learn, and quite robust offering packages for visualization, numerical linear algebra, numerical differential equations and limited sybolic computation. For primers on matlab, we recommend:

Maple is primarily a used for symbolic computation and competes more with Mathematica. It can be used for plotting and easily finding analytic solutions. Here are some helpful tutorials:

Mathematica is widely used in education and has an extensive help network. Some tutorials include:

Direction Fields
Plotting direction fields with Matlab, Mathematica, and Maple: [.pdf]
Maple/Matlab Tutorials

I will give a tutorial on the following dates:

Time Topic Location Handout
Wed. Sept. 10, 4-5pm Intro to Matlab BH 157  
Wed. Sept. 17, 6-7pm Intro to Diff. Eq. using Maple CIT Rm. 265 X
Wed. Sept. 24, 6-7pm More Diff. Eq. using Maple CIT Rm. 265 X

The intent of these sessions is to learn the basics of the application. Please bring questions if you have them. Also, these are not mandatory, but will be quite helpful (I hope!). Arrive late or leave is suppose to be informal. With the computer lab available, we will go through some prepared worksheets and work interactively on them together. See you there!

Maple Solution HW3.1

Find the Maple solution from the tutorial here.

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