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Kerberos at CFM:

The Center for Fluid Mechanics has several UNIX desktops with Kerberos installed. The default Kerberos ticket issuing authority is NAVO.HPC.MIL for NAVO logins. Kerberos is installed in the following machines:

For example, if I want to issue a ticket for the username Cvas, but I am logged in CFM as sjoh0341, I type:

  urania:/users/sjoh0341% kinit Cvas@NAVO.HPC.MIL
  Password for Cvas@NAVO.HPC.MIL:

This will issue a ticket for the issuing authority of NAVO.HPC.MIL. Should you need to contact a different server, just replace the server's name with the other one. Note that this will work only if the file


has the correct entries. If not, you have to contact the systems administrator to change/add the corresponding entry in the configuration file. If you would like to set your Kerberos configuration file to point to a custom-made one and not to the default (/etc/krb5.conf), this can be done by setting the environment variable

  setenv KRB5_CONFIG /FULL/path/to/your/krb5.conf

Other bacic Kerberos commands include:

For more information have a look at our local copy of the Kerberos README file...