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General Information on CFM systems:

The Center for Fluid Mechanics historically maintained the computing facilities of the Division of Applied Mathematics, while, in parallel the latter's facilities were growing. At some point the unification of the two was inevitable, this leading to the merging of the domain names and Right now there is only one address, namely, but all the systems that were accessible through the CFM address still are, for backwards compatibility.

Access to the systems from outside our firewall is now done only through, a Linux machine equipped with 2 Pentium III Coppermine processors. Ways to do this can be found here. Remote use of the r* commands (rsh, rlogin, etc) is not permitted. Hopefully, most users are familiar with use of S/Key's in our computing environment, please review the security software tutorial if not. While S/Keys have the advantage of requiring no additional client software, carrying around those lists of passwords is somewhat cumbersome. With the installation of ssh servers on fritz remote users have the opportunity to access our computing resources with their regular passwords. Ssh provides additional security features that S/Key's do not, including encryption, host authentication, and transparent X11 connections. Ssh does require special client software, free versions of which are available via anonymous ftp for unix and Win95/98/NT. Please see the remote access tutorial for information on use and installation.