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CFM Workstations:

We have many different kinds of workstations spanning the performance scale.

Sun Ultra 1 Creator 3D

The Department has 19 Ultra 1 workstations currently. Some are 167 Mhz and others are 200 Mhz models. All systems have Creator 3D graphics cards and 1 UltraSPARC processor. Each system is equipped with between 128 and 512 Mb of RAM and has a 2.1 Gb disk. A subset of these systems is intended for use as a distributed cluster for parallel applications.

Sun Ultra 30

We have 5 Ultra 30 systems. Each has 4Gb of disk, 512Mb of memory and a Creator 3D graphics card. All models have the 248Mhz UltraSparc-II cpu. These systems are also sometimes used as a cluster with PVM or MPI.

Sun Sparcstation 1,1+,2,2+,4,5,10,20

We have 10 Sparc 1/1+ systems, 3 Sparc 2/2+ systems, 3 Sparc 4 systems, a single Sparc 5, 4 Sparc 10s and 2 Sparc 20s. Some of the older systems are used simply as terminals and have smaller (i.e. ~32-64Mb) memories. The later 2,4 and 5s are used as desktop machines and the 10s and 20s are multiprocessor systems used as central Unix servers for both X-terminals and Windows NT workstations.

SGI Octane

For mid to high-level visualization we have 4 Octane systems. 2 are 250Mhz MXE systems with at least 512Mb of memory a piece and the other 2 are SSI systems with 256Mb for lighter work. One of the MXE systems contains a digital video board and is used for high-quality video production.


We have 2 O2 systems with 576Mb of memory for small computations and mild visualization. They also both have the infamous "O2 Cam" and, along with the Indy systems, provide a very easy way to record video.

SGI Power Indigo, Indigo2, Indigo and Indy Workstations

Distributed throughout the department there are also some older SGI workstations. There are 5 Power Indigo2 systems with R8000 CPUs, 3 Indigo2 workstations with R4400 CPUs, 2 Indigo R4000 systems, 1 Indigo R3000, and 3 Indy R5000 systems. The graphics capabilities of these computers run the gamut from Entry to Extreme.

There are also many PCs and Macintosh systems in all shapes and sizes floating around throughout the department. Most recently, 12 Dell PII 233 systems have provided a new computer system for the Division's administrative staff.