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CFM Servers:

We have a lot of systems dedicated to serving different resources. Each individual system is described below.

File Servers: CFM has about 400Gb of disk on-line, served by two main systems.

Sun Ultra Enterprise 5000

Our main file server is an Ultra Enterprise with 1.5Gb of memory, 6 248Mhz UltraSPARC-II processors and two Sparc Storage Array Model 100s Fibre Channel disk subsystems. This system functions as a compute server during off-peak hours and is the departments most powerful SMP machine. For backup purposes this system is attached to a Sun 4/1000 DLT providing over 1Tb of tape.

Sun Ultra Enterprise 3000

Some directories are served off a smaller 4 CPU system with 1Gb of memory. This system has about 40Gb of disk.

Sun Ultra Enterprise 150

One of the UE 150s is used as a mail server and the other serves web pages. Both are configured with 128Mb of RAM and a single UltraSPARC. Total disk space is around 20Gb.

Compute and Graphics Servers:

We have a number of powerful systems to meet the computational needs of our users.


A dual cabinet 24 node SP2 provides compute power for large parallel jobs. Each node has a single Power2 66Mhz chip with 128Mb of memory and 2Gb of disk. There is also a dedicated control station which is essentially a node with graphics capabilities and a lot of disk.

SGI Infinite Reality

With 4 195Mhz R10000 processors, 1920 Mb of memory and an Infinite Reality graphics pipeline with dual raster-managers this system provides a powerful distributed-shared-memory environment and amazing graphics capabilities. This system is used as a file server for its main users and has ~100GB of disk.

SGI Power Onyx R10K and Reality Station

The Power Onyx R10K system has quad R10000 processors while the Reality Station has quad R4400 processors. Both are bus-based shared-memory systems. Both computers have RealityEngine2 graphics cards and are capable of serious visualization work. Both systems have 1Gb of memory.