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The "old" SP2 (at 37 Manning):

The SP2 cluster in 37 Manning St. is up and running again. The Crunch Group SP2 is made up of a Control Workstation (CWS) and 24 compute nodes.

The CWS called "", is an IBM 7025-F50 server hosting dual 332Mhz PowerPC 604 CPU's and 512 MB Memory. It will perform as a frontend login node for the cluster. Access to cws is through SSH. You can use rlogin to login into the nodes from cws.

The compute nodes are 9076-SP2 Thin-2 (with L2 cache) nodes running a single 67Mhz Power2 CPU and have 128Mb of memory. They are named esp1, ..., esp24 and are accessible from cws (preferably through LoadLeveler).

cws and all compute nodes (esp1...esp24) are running AIX 433, and have Parallel Environment (PE) , and LoadLeveler installed. You can build your programs on "cws", which has the AIX compilers available (C, C++, Fortran). To build parallel (MPI) code, use mpcc, mpCC, mpxlf etc.

The SP2 has a High Performance Switch (HPS) connection, and it should be the preferred communication network for MPI jobs. All nodes are attached to the HPS. LoadLeveler has been configured with a single group called "crunch".

Please refer to for a quick introduction to the SP environment.

If you have any trouble running on the SP2 cluster, please send an email to