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CFM Computing Facilities:

The Center for Fluid Mechanics maintains a variety of computer systems, both desktop systems and large scale systems.
All of these systems are attached together on our network.

Sun Blade 1000

We have 5 Sun Blade 1000 Workstations, each equipped with 2 750MHz Ultrasparc-III processors, 1 GB of memory, Creator 3D Series 3 graphics, and 36 GB of disk.


Our SP2 is composed of 24 Thin Nodes.  Each node has a single 66MHz Power2 processor, 128Mb of memory and 2GB of disk.  All of the nodes are connected via a high performance switch.

Onyx2 Infinite Reality

Our Onyx2 IR has 2GB of memory and serves 110GB of file systems.  It has 4 195MHz R10000 processors and a single Infinite Reality graphics board..

Onyx Reality Station

Users can also do graphics work on a 4x 200MHz R4400 Onyx with RealityEngine2 graphics.  This system has 512MB of memory and about 20 GB of disk space.

Ultra Enterprise 5000

Our main file server is a UE 5000 with 1.5GB of memory, 6 250MHz Ultra-II processors and two SPARC Storage Arrays, each with 120 GB of disk.

Ultra Enterprise 3000

A 4 processor UE 3000 with 1 GB of memory serves an additional 100GB of filesystems.
The two Enterprise systems are connected via gigabit ethernet to each other and our ethernet switches, the ring comprising the backbone of our local network.

Ultra Enterprise 150

Two 1 processor UE 150s serve mail, web and other network services.  They both have 128 MB of memory.  One has 6 GB of disk and the other has 22 GB of disk.


We have 4 Octane systems.  Two have MXE graphics and two have SSI--all 4 have 250MHz R10000 processors.  One of these systems is equipped with 640MB of memory and 80GB of disk while the others have 256MB of memory and just 4GB of disk.

Ultra 60 Creator 3D

We have 2 Ultra 60 systems. One is equipped with 2 450 MHz Ultrasparc-III processors, 1 GB of memory, Creator 3d graphics and 18GB of disk. The other is equipped with 2 360MHz Ultrasparc-II processors,256 Mb of memory, Creator 3D graphics and 9 Gb of disk.

Ultra 30 Creator 3D

We have 3 Ultra 30 systems with 250MHz Ultra-II processors, 512MB of memory, Creator 3D graphics and 4 GB disks.

Ultra 10 Creator 3D

We have 5 Ultra 10 systems with 440MHz Ultra-IIi processors, 256 MB of memory, Creator 3D graphics and 20 GB disks.


We have 1 195MHz R10000 O2 systems, with 1GB of memory.  This system is used as a video editing workstation (and for that great little camera).

Indigo, Indigo2, Power Indigo2 and Indy

We have a bunch of older SGI desktop systems.

All of these computers have at least 64 MB of memory--some have as much as 256MB.  The graphics cards run the gamut from Entry (just the original Indigo) to Extreme.

Ultra 1 Creator 3D

We have 19 Ultra 1 Creator 3D systems.  8 of these systems have 512 MB of memory and are used as a parallel computer.  The rest have 128 or 256 MB of memory and are just workstations.

SPARCStation 1,1+,2,2+,4,5,10,20

We have about 2 dozen of these older systems serving a variety of purposes.  They have between 16 and 308 MB of memory and between 80 MB and 10 GB of disk.