If you are having trouble printing from the course software to a networked printer and your PC is using Windows 98, the following instructions should allow you to print:
  1. Double-click on the PrintQs folder on the Windows Desktop
  2. Select the printer you wish to print to and right-click on it
  3. Drag down to "properties" and select. The Printer Properties window should open
  4. Click on the Details tab, select the text in the "Print to the following port:" field, and copy this text (right-click on the text and select Copy, or press CTRL+C)
  5. Now click on the Capture Settings tab
  6. Click on the Capture Printer Port button
  7. Make sure that the Device is LPT1 and then paste (what you copied in Step 4) into the Path field
  8. Click OK to close the Capture Printer Port dialog box and then click OK again to close the Printer properties window