Academic background

I did my undergraduate studies at the University of California and received my B.A. in Applied Mathematics in May 1990. Now my little sister Laura is continuing the Bauer tradition at Cal. Laura is off doings something I have always wanted to do, living in Germany. She is working for the summer in the town of Burghausen. My other sister has just completed Law School and is preparing to take the bar in California.

After getting my degree from Berkeley, I enlisted as a indentured servant at Brown University in the Division of Applied Mathematics. There I toiled for 5 years, taught classes, took prelims and foreign language exams, made many friends and drank a few beers.

On April 26, 1995, fearing for their lives, Bruce's defense committee decided that Bruce really deserved his Ph.D.

I have returned to California to teach at at USC. This was wonderful because it allowed me to marry Jennifer Gibbs Bauer. It was totally up in the air if I was going to be able to get a job near hers. But luckily I did, and then we each said I DO. (Picture from reception)


Spectral methods, Essentially Non-Oscillatory schemes, and Wavelet based numerical methods with emphasis on adaptive grid generation, shock detection and shock tracking. Future research will encompass adaptive grids for semi-conservative schemes and the design and analysis of numerical methods for traffic flow.

Resume (sorry, it's in postscript form)

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List of publications

Areas of research
Adaptive grid generation for Conservative Numerical Methods
Essentially Non-Oscillatory Schemes
Traffic Simulations [e-mail me any info you have on this, please]
Spectral Methods
Numerical simulations
Estimates of shock locations
Netrek Hockey

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How to contact me:

    Robert Bruce Bauer
    MC 1113
    University of Southern California
    Los Angeles, CA 90089
    Tel: (213) 740-9806 (work)
	 (562) 494-1355 (home)
    FAX: (213) 740-2424

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